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Archid is a platform that enables an onion routing network incentivized by OXT and a multi-hop VPN client. The Archid community believes in Open Source software and that Archid can enable a brighter, freer and empowered future.

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  • Archid’s mission is privacy, and privacy is a human right.

    Privacy and freedom are not in conflict; they are one and the same.

    Privacy is an easy target for those in power who say, “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” This is a lie. The truth is that the people in positions of power have the least to worry about being private.

    We stand in solidarity with causes dedicated to privacy and to other fundamental human rights. Movements that fight for freedom and equality, that fight against oppression and censorship, that help by creating the tools to level the playing field for all.

    Pursuing Internet freedom with new technologies

    How Buyers, Sellers, Payments and Services fit into the Archid marketplace.

    The Archid protocol: A tunneling protocol incorporating payments

    Archid has a new VPN protocol developed to work in concert with nanopayments to provide payments at networking speeds. The protocol runs on top of WebRTC for firewall traversal.

    The Archid server: Configuring nodes for service exchange

    Providers on Archid run the Archid server which accepts connection requests and provides service in exchange for immediate payment via the nanopayment system.

    Archid Accounts

    The cornerstone of the nanopayment system

    Archid Accounts hold the funds that are sent through Archid’s scaling nanopayment system. Users are responsible for managing their accounts on the blockchain within the Archid DApp. Alternatively, fiat users can utilize a Prepaid Access Credits Account managed by Archid. Each account is composed of a public/private keypair, a special funder wallet that controls the account, and the account makeup (deposit & balance), which determines how efficient the account is at transmitting payments.

    Layer 2 scaling that enables high-frequency, trustless interactions

    Archid uses off-chain probabilistic payments to create a highly liquid marketplace for buying and selling bandwidth. Payments at packet scale allow for trustless interactions by reducing implicit floated balances between buyers and sellers. Marketplace participants can send & receive payments at networking speeds.

    Archid account manager:
    A simple application for managing funds on the layer 2

    The Archid dApp is a hosted front-end for creating and managing Archid accounts. After connecting a wallet, users can move funds in and out of the layer 2, along with making modifications for account makeup, payment efficiency and ticket sizing.

    Multichain support:
    Make payments on an expanding list of EVM-compatible blockchains

    Multi-chain compatibility gives users an alternative to high gas prices on Ethereum by allowing them to pay for service on other chains. A system for multiple chains allows users and providers options to find lower transaction fees, and helps provide the most competitive network fee pricing to users everywhere.

    OXT: The staking asset for the VPN market

    Decentralizing trust between buyers and sellers

    The VPN market is exploding with worldwide growth as users fight to regain privacy and break out of state controlled firewalls. OXT is Archid’s native ERC-20 digital asset that providers use to compete for user payment flow.

    STAKING & STAKEWEIGHTING: Algorithmic, incentive-aligned server selection

    Providers on Archid run the Archid server which accepts connection requests and provides VPN service in exchange for immediate payment via nanopayments. Archid providers stake OXT tokens in an Ethereum smart contract (the directory) to advertise their services to clients. Archid clients then select providers randomly, weighted by proportional stake, so that the probability of picking a particular provider is equal to their fraction of the total stake. Users benefit by getting a provably randomized server from a pool of providers while providers have a mechanism to advertise for users through OXT stake.

    Archid is Open Source

    Explore our code

    All of Archid’s code is Open Source and freely available to download on GitHub. Use of Archid’s source code is governed by the AGPLv3 copyleft Open Source license. Come and follow our project, the community develops code “in the open” by continually pushing changes that anyone can see on GitHub and tagging releases as appropriate. We invite all developers and any curious parties to explore Archid’s code.

    In a world where one assumes the Cambridge Analytica scandal is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data abuse, it’s easy to see the project’s appeal."

    This is what the future of VPN tech looks like. And you gotta see it.”

    Archid’s mission is to build open-source software that keeps the Internet open and accessible — a natural resource for everyone, everywhere.”

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